Black Duck Seat Covers

Black Duck Seat CoversBlack Duck Seat Covers are available for sale at Umhauers.

Black Duck Seat Covers are built tough, smartly tailored to add to the vehicles appeal and mold to the shape of your seat for extra comfort. The canvas material is hard wearing, water proof and  tear resistant and protects your seats from dirt, grime and liquid.


Custom Fit

Black Duck Seat Covers cater for a wide range of vehicles for both front and rear seats.
They are carefully tailored to the individual seat to ensure an exact fit.


black duck seat cover air bag safety

Safety Compliant

Black Duck Seat Covers are tested and certified airbag compatible, so the safety of the vehicles’ occupants is not compromised.


Materials and Colours

Black Duck Seat Covers come in Canvas and Demin.


Denim – Black & Grey
Canvas – Black, Brown and Grey







Due to the large variety of covers and specifications please contact one of our sales team so they can ensure that you purchase the correct seat covers for your vehicle.
Call us on:

Geelong (03) 5229 3910
Warrnambool (03) 5561 4900


or email us at:


Please include your vehicle model, whether you are interested in front or rear seats, your preferred material (canvas or denim) and preferred colour and one of our sales staff will contact you to organise your order.




Once they confirm your order, they can also organise for your product to be shipped to you if require shipping.