Safari ARMAX

Safari ARMAX ECU (Engine Control Unit)

Safari are pleased to announce their Vehicle Specific Engine Control Unit (ECU).
The ARMAX ECU is a product that has been in development for nearly 3 years.


The reason it took so long getting to market is because of the decision to not take a “shotgun” approach and try to reach all the vehicles on the market, instead to run a fully designed, engineered and thoroughly tested program on a small number of selected vehicles.


Safari ARMAX ECU 200 Series LC SMVDJ200A


The belief was to deliver a product that was absolutely correct for the vehicle that it was intended for rather than a “close enough is good enough” attitude. So although the model range is currently small, the product has been fully tested on each model. As testing and development continues more makes and models will be added to the range.


  1. ECU can be ordered with current Vehicle modifications pre-programmed eg Armax Snorkel and Exhaust Modifications. This eliminates need for Dyno Tuning.
  2. The ECU has three Modes which include : Towing, Comfort and Sport. These modes can be changed using the 3 Push Button Switches mounted at top of ECU.
  3. Each Vehicle Specific ECU has its own dedicated ,custom designed Wiring Harness and Mounting Bracketry. All of which is built to OME Standards and OME Suppliers.
  4. High Speed Processing calibrates internally stored Data against Engine real time information, it then will constantly adjust to suit Injector requirements.
  5. The Exhaust Temperature is the Fastest and most Reliable indicator to adjust and monitor Real time Temperatures within the Combustion Chamber of the Engine. This help protect these critical Temperatures and adjust fuel Ratios accordingly. An Industrial grade Thermocouple comes as part of the ECU kit and is mounted in exhaust manifold. If for any reason the thermocouple becomes inoperable the ECU reverts back to OEM calibrations.
  6. The Armax ECU is continuously Calibrating the Turbocharger Air delivery (BOOST) as a standard function of the ECU. This helps to maintain the critical Air/Fuel ratio at all times allowing the increased fuel volume necessary for improving improved diesel engine performance.
  7. The Armax ECU controls the duration of the Fuel injector. This method is preferred by Armax as adjustments to Fuel pump pressures are not required. The benefit of leaving the Fuel pressure set at OEM settings helps to keep the Injectors and other Fuel Components at their normal operating levels thus reducing the risks of premature failure. The Armax ECU adjusts the Injector duration times to deliver an exact amount required at any given time for increased performance.
  8. The Armax ECU has been manufactured to withstand tough Four wheel drive conditions. The newly developed Glass-Fibre reinforced housing is suitable for high temperature exposure found under the bonnet of the modern motor vehicle. Its rugged case has shock absorbing technology and complete sealing against typical Australian 4 X 4 environments.
  9. The Armax Ecu also has a “Cold Start” operation which stops the Armax ECU controlling the engine until it reaches normal operating levels. The Armax ECU then will begin to control Engine operations after that level is reached.
  10. Confidence in the product is very high and is backed by a 3 year unlimited kilometres warranty.


Safari ARMAX ECU 200 Series LC SMVDJ200A


Models already in the range include:


TOYOTA 70 SERIES   2007 TO CURRENT 1VD-FTV $2,997.50
TOYOTA 200 SERIES 2008 – 2015 1VD-FTV $2,997.50
TOYOTA 70 SERIES   1998 – 2006 1HD-FTE $2,695.00
TOYOTA 100 SERIES MANUAL 1998 – 2007 1HD-FTE $2,695.00
TOYOTA 100 SERIES AUTO       1998 – 2007 1HD-FTE $2,695.00
TOYOTA PRADO 150 SERIES MANUAL 2009- 20015 1KD- FTV $2,695.00
TOYOTA PRADO 150 SERIES AUTO       2009- 2015 1HD-FTV $2,695.00
TOYOTA HI-LUX  MANUAL  2005-2011 1KD-FTV $2,695.00
TOYOTA HI-LUX  AUTO        2005- 2011 1KD-FTV $2,695.00
TOYOTA HI-LUX  MANUAL  2011-2015 1KD-FTV $2,695.00
TOYOTA HI-LUX AUTO         2011-2015 1KD-FTV $2,695.00


The model for the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series (widenose) 1VD-FTV 2007 – 2016 is in our Geelong store if you would like to come and have a look at it.


For any further Pricing, Fitting Costs and a list of kits now available please contact our staff on (03) 5229 3910 or email us at

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