The new GME XRS Connect Radio Launch

One of our sales staff, Don Bird attended a GME product launch earlier in the month and this is his review of the new GME XRS.


On Tuesday 11th October I attended the Melbourne launch of the new XRS connect Radio by GME. The Representatives from GME were excited about their New Products and explained in detail their new XRS connect UHF series of Radios . The new XRS technology is a new Australia made radio platform powered by Bluetooth connectivity from your Mobile Phone to your UHF Radio via the Free App. Please find below some of the new features of the XRS Family of UHF radios.




The First Radio to be released is the XRS- 370C which is available now and later this year the Compact version XRS-330C will become available. Both Apps are now available for both Radios.


  1. After downloading the Free App, the XRS Connect App enables any Software updates to be downloaded to your Mobile device. These updates then can be Bluetoothed over to your XRS Radio. Notifications of updates and new features will be sent to your device via the App.
  2. Using the App which has been designed for the UHF radio introduces the new share and scan feature which has instant access to all the Australian and New Zealand registered analogue frequency data bases. These can be used to create a list of frequencies in that local area and as your Radio scans these frequencies allows you to receive only any Emergency services Broadcasts.
  3. The XRS Radios come with a 5 year Warranty but can be extended if you register your Radio via the App.
  4. The New OLED Microphone Display offers great viewing angle for all the display nearly 160 degrees, crystal clear and antiglare display. It has a 2 watt speaker forward facing for greater sound quality. The Microphone has two programmable buttons which can be assigned to most Radio functions.
  5. The Scan suite Technology used in the TX3550S which will also work with both of the XRS Connect Radio can now scan an amazing 50 channels per second.
  6. The new XRS Radio also have a Factory reset  for both your Radio or App if any issues arise in Programming both your Radio or App just in case.
  7. Retail pricing for the XRS-370c is $579 and the XRS-330C when it becomes available $ 529.



Find out about product details and buy online or come into our Geelong store and have a look at it.


It was great to attend the launch and see the Representatives who have been involved with the design of the new GME XRS, take such pride in a product entirely designed in Australia with most components made here in Australia.


More information is available at the GME website


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